The Lord gave me a vision several years ago that our Antioch Community will be like a “train station” for “training”.

The Lord showed me that it would be as if Antioch was a train station and a train would drop off passengers at our door—it would be their next “stop” in life. People from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds would be coming through our door. Old and young, rich and poor, the outcasts of society, those hungry for more of God, entire families, college students, first responders, the broken, the wounded, the sick, the forgotten, evangelists, pastors, teachers, prophet, apostles and everyone in between.

People would get off the train with all their “baggage”, bring it into the church and lay it at the feet of Jesus. This is when our community will love on you, pray for you, pray you through, help you get delivered, set free and set on fire for God. We will pray for miracles in every area of your life—your body, your marriage, your finances, your destiny, or whatever area you need a touch from God.

Our desire is that we want you to be radically changed from the inside out and in every area of your life so you can do those things that God has called you to do! We will love you, disciple you, equip you, impart to you and train you for your assignment in this life.

There will be many people that will come to Antioch and stay for years and years, but there are also many that will come for a season and then we will help put them, “back on the train” to their next destination in life. However, these people are completely different from when they first came to Antioch. And now? They are back on the train to go plant a church, head to the mission field, move to a new location and live on fire for God—but each one that is willing will go into all the world and share the Good News, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils and fulfill the destiny on their lives!

This is who Antioch is. We love Jesus. We love people.

“…And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.” Acts 11:26b

Lead Pastor, Ryan Bruss

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